Our Services

We serve corporations in the energy, mining, infrastructure and government sectors by providing them medical services. With our extensive experience in providing medical services in Malaysia, we currently support 81 remote site projects, providing medical staffing, primary and emergency care, occupational and public health support.

Our vast experience in handling programmes for leading drilling and oil and gas clients has allowed us to develop an organisational and quality management structure that is able to support client’s needs wherever their operations are in the world. We are able to implement recognised international standards, while harnessing the value of local presence and knowledge.

We support clients through the following offerings:
Medical Consulting;
Medical Training; and
Medical Staffing;
Medical Supply Chain Arrangement Services; and
Integrated Medical Services

Medical Consulting Services

We help organisations define and prioritise the health needs of their employees, contractors and the communities in which they work. Our corporate health consulting programmes help organisations develop global health agendas to protect their business travellers and expatriates, thus fulfilling their Duty of Care to their employees.

Our occupational health programmes assist organisations to better manage health risks in the workplace. Our experts are experienced in delivering strategic consultancy for head offices and performing:

Site Health Reviews;
Workplace Health Risk Assessments (HRAs);
Health Impact Assessments; and
Rig Assessments

Medical Training

We conduct training programmes for site employees, as well as continuous medical education of medical professionals.

We offer:
First aid training;
Medical emergency response team training;
Disaster response team training;
Wellness talks and education; and
A variety of other customised topics tailored to the needs of clients.

Medical Staffing

We help organisations to manage and reduce the health risks facing their employees. Presently, our medical services team deploys medical professionals at 81 remote sites throughout Malaysia. We offer medical staffing with Malaysian national doctors who:

Are qualified and experienced;
Deliver routine primary care activities;
Provide emergency medical care; and
Undertake preventive and management activities such as implementation of site health plans and management of medical supplies and equipments.

Our on-site medical personnel are supported and managed by our global infrastructure and resources, and receive continuous medical education, coaching and training.

Medical Supply Chain Arrangement Services

Our set of supply chain services ensure that medical supplies reach project sites when they are needed. Advisory services are a set of consultancy based services used to pre-qualify potential medical supplies providers, or to advise on a list of medical supplies adapted to a particular project site’s requirements.

Arrangement services assist organisations to arrange the purchase of medical supplies including selection of a suitable supplier, management of orders, invoicing, contracting and other optional requirements.

Medical Services Delivery

We have clear, well-established protocols and procedures for all our medical service activities in Malaysia. Over the years of delivering offshore medical services, we have well-defined protocols and procedures to ensure a quality-integrated approach to the services provided offshore. Our mobilisation and execution strategy focuses on the following core elements, which are detailed below:

Quality of Medical Professionals;
Topside Support (via Kuala Lumpur based Asia Response Centre); and
Quality Management Plan for Medical Services

Quality of Medical Professionals

We will provide medical professionals that comply with our operations standards. We, over the years, have concentrated on three areas: recruiting the right medical personnel with the right skills set, continuously training our personnel to ensure their skills stay current, and managing their performance through well-defined key performance indicators.

We add an additional layer of support and quality to our medical personnel through our topside support (Remote Location Medical Support) programme led by our Kuala Lumpur Assistance Centre, and supported by our Regional Assistance Centre in Singapore.

Quality Management Planning for Medical Services

We have implemented and will continue to refine a highly-defined set of Standard Operating Procedures and Protocols (SOPP). We also adopt our own internal quality control tools to ensure quality service delivery. This internal SOPP has been used to govern the service delivery of our offshore medical services in Malaysia for the last 16 years.

We have developed an internal set of quality control measures and operating standards in each area of our business to ensure consistent and high quality service delivery worldwide. In respect to the delivery of offshore medical services, the Quality Management System implemented by us comprises the following:

Clinical Governance (Medical and Operations Management);
Installation of Relevant Operating Standards;
Installation of Standardised Reporting Tools;
Assistance Centre Medical Support;
Inspections Quality Audits;
Corrective and Preventive Actions; and
Continuous Quality Improvement.

Topside Support through the Kuala Lumpur Based Asia Response Centre Operated by Intl.SOS

Medical Emergency Response Plan

At the planning and mobilisation stage of each mission, we prepare a specific Medical Emergency Response Procedure (MERP) for client's location(s). We have deep knowledge of local conditions and capabilities of local operators (transport, logistic and medical) to provide adequate response to any emergency happening on-site. Thus the MERPs on site are customised to take into account the specific actions to be taken in a specific location to deal with sick or injured patients, or with any emergency situation including multiple casualties. Each medical staff on site is well versed in the MERP procedures and protocols and the topside support physicians in the Kuala Lumpur Assistance Centres are familiar with the MERPs.

Day-to-Day Topside Support

In an incident, the medical professional will always be able to contact the topside support physician. This physician will advise on course of action to be taken in the event of a medical illness or injury case, and will decide, in real time, the course of action in the event of a need to transfer on-shore one or several patients. The capability to have a second opinion and advice and to activate transport and medical providers, real time, without having to invoke a third party to intervene greatly enhances the capability of the medical professional to intervene effectively in any situation faced.

Documentation and Training

Our topside support solution is documented in a manual that is provided to every medical professional. In addition, every medical professional receives Topside Support training pre-deployment in order for them to obtain the full benefit of this programme.

Emergency Drills

We can organise emergency response drills to verify compliance to the MERP and test the provider’s response, assess response time to various types of emergencies, as well as appropriateness of the selected response solution.

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